Jakub Jermář

1 Mar 2011 20:43

Hi Vojta,

in your opinion, is this something that could be added to the main Makefile so that you can type for instance make grubinstall which will invoke your script?

Another question is. If my Ubuntu uses grub2, will this eat my computer :-)?


Vojtěch Horký

1 Mar 2011 22:01

Hi Jakub,

I am really not sure about adding this to the main Makefile. It needs root privileges and it relies on being run on the correct platform etc. Plus, this can break the system if you supply wrong arguments (or the guesses won't be accurate) and such thing should be kept separate from main Makefile and shall be more difficult to launch. Just my opinion, though.

This will not work with GRUB2 as new GRUB uses completely different format of the menu. But I am just upgrading my virtual machine with Debian to have GRUB2 and I will see what I can do.

Vojtěch Horký

2 Mar 2011 12:13

Added new version supporting GRUB2.

Jakub: I guess you can try the new version but, please, read the warnings first.


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