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Rethinking libposix in HelenOS

Published on 25 Aug 2017 with tags HelenOS, porting, coastline, libposix and musl.

My goal during the last HelenOS Camp was to bring QEMU into mainline. Unfortunately, due to some issues with the to-be-merged code I had to abandon this effort and start thinking whether we are porting POSIX applications to HelenOS the right way.

HelenOS coastline updates & status matrix

Published on 08 Dec 2013 with tags HelenOS, porting and coastline.

This is just a short update on what is new in HelenOS coastline. Briefly the following: parallel builds, archiving, binutils and status matrix of what is buildable on different platforms.

GCC for HelenOS: ToDo list

Published on 07 Nov 2013 with tags HelenOS, porting, GCC and coastline.

As I promised yesterday, here is the post summarizing what needs to be done in order to have GCC running in HelenOS as a native compiler.

GCC for HelenOS: sitrep

Published on 06 Nov 2013 with tags HelenOS, porting, GCC and coastline.

After quite a long time I have another progress report about my efforts to bring GCC to run in HelenOS. It can be summarized in three words. It runs. Somehow.

Introducing HelenOS coastline

Published on 30 Mar 2013 with tags HelenOS, porting and coastline.

I am still trying to bring GCC to HelenOS but the truth is that I haven't made a big progress since my last post. However, I promised another script that would simplify the porting even more. I am not 100% sure it simplifies it that much but it makes the whole process much easier to reproduce. Let me introduce the HelenOS coastline.

Towards GCC for HelenOS (3) - libmpfr

Published on 13 Feb 2013 with tags GCC, HelenOS, libmpc, libmpfr, MPFR and porting.

In previous posts I described my effort to bring GCC to HelenOS. This post briefly summarizes porting of yet another GCC dependency: MPFR library. It comes a bit late as the progress was already reported on last HelenOS meeting but the meeting report did not contain the actual commands, so here are they.

Towards GCC for HelenOS (2) - libgmp

Published on 27 Jan 2013 with tags GCC, GMP, HelenOS, libgmp and porting.

In my previous post about bringing GCC to HelenOS, no actual GCC dependency was compiled. In this post I will describe porting GNU MP Bignum library (libgmp).

Towards GCC for HelenOS

Published on 24 Jan 2013 with tags GCC, HelenOS, porting and zlib.

Compiling GCC to run inside HelenOS is for quite some time on the ToDo list of HelenOS. I decided to give it a try and if you want to follow what I did so far, carry on reading.