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Two days with HelenOS USB

Published on 14 May 2011 with tags EHCI, HelenOS, HID, OHCI, QEMU, UHCI and USB.

We decided to have a coding weekend (the last one) due to approaching deadline for our USB project and I can (again) announce some good news.

OHCI, HID parser and more

Published on 02 May 2011 with tags HelenOS, HID, OHCI, QEMU and USB.

It has been a while since my last post about USB support for HelenOS. But we have made some progress that I am proud to announce.

Hello from USB keyboard to HelenOS

Published on 05 Feb 2011 with tags HelenOS, keyboard and USB.

I am proud to announce that today we were able to control HelenOS with plugged in USB keyboard. Although the abilities of the keyboard and host controller drivers are very limited, it is a huge step forward in our project.

USB hub driver working

Published on 13 Dec 2010 with tags HelenOS, hub and USB.

I would love to sing some ode right now because I just found a bug and get a working hub driver, but I am afraid that I would be dressed down by my father because it is half past 1am. So, hence this post to let the euphoria out ;-).

USB for HelenOS

Published on 29 Nov 2010 with tags HelenOS and USB.

Because I am also member of the team that wants to add support for USB to HelenOS and I have enough of programming, I decided to write few paragraphs about HelenOS/USB project...